About Switch FM

Switch FM is a Narrowcast Licence – This is not a commercial Station (they all left the maranoa and pipe the who thing in from Kingaroy or Toowoomba).

Despite commercial radio having a criteria of it’s licence to broadcast at least 30% local content, both commercial stations completely fail this. Switch FM has 24/7 hourly updates, will go live for severe weather events and when local government need information broadcast.

Switch FM Can support itself with advertising, so help Switch FM survive by advertising your business today.

Matty is a Sole trader, everything you hear on Switch FM is personally managed or produced by Matty at the Switch FM Studio’s in Matt’s home right here in Roma.

Matty has invested over $200,000.00 of his own money in Switch FM Maranoa including the purchase of licences in Yuleba and Mitchell. 100% Local and it will stay that way!


Switch FM Yuleba