Hot 30

Switch FM - Hot 30 With Matty around Australia

Made at Switch FM

The Hot 30 with Matty is made weekly in the Switch FM/Switch Webcast Studio’s then transmitted for airplay on many different stations around Australia and the world.

The show is made primarily for Switch FM and a Community station in Brisbane called Switch Brisbane.

Matty aims to support Australian Music but has a couple of really good mates that are of international fame.

Matty at Hot 100 FM Darwin 2002

It Started in Darwin

Matty first hosted the Hot 30 in Darwin Australia for Hot 100 FM (2002 – 2006) broadcast across the Top end including Jabiru and Katherine. Matty Started with Co-Host Mel Field (not that one) and no Matty never made a prank call (wrong Matty).

Matty Took #1 Ratings on Hot 100 FM in 2004 and never looked back.

Switch FM Studio 2

Matty has 2 studio’s in Roma, however Studio 2 is his favorite. The Hot 30 and the Hot 30 after Party is recorded each Thursday in studio 2.

Studio 2 is set up for the perfect stereo sound and in a way that makes Matty happy and comfortable, With LED lighting, analog audio, on air lights 4 screens plus the Arrakis 16 Channel Panel. Its a NERDS Delight…

And Yes Boots (Matty’s Staffie) has a bed in the studio

Studio 2 is also where all produced audio comes from including local Community Switch Updates, Commercials, Station Identifiers and most Severe Storm Warnings. (sometimes I have songs before they are released too, shhhh)

Boots likes to get his head in most pictures Matty takes.

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